Saturday, 2 February 2013

Casino Friday

Did everyone enjoy a nice well-deserved Friday night? Well I spent my Friday night at Westfield Stratford reviewing its casino inside. If you are familiar with this pretty cool shopping mall you would know exactly where it is - glowing in blue is the entrance/escalator that takes you up to the gambling arena. They have a very strict no photography policy and no digital devices at/near any tables so sadly I couldn't take any pictures to show you. But first things first things first - what I wore:

Biker Jacket from Topshop, Printed T from River Island, Silver Leggings from Forever 21, Lita Spike Heels by Jeffrey
Campbell, and the tan Mini Tote by Celine.

Rock Candy from left to right: Beading bracelet
from Thailand, Links of London, Gucci,
Pandora, and Alexander McQueen.

Instagram @yesnomaybesoh

Around the ocean of gambling tables is the Sky Bar that hosts different music everyday through the week, its own Restaurant, another 360 standalone bar, ATM machines, and Cloak Rooms. There are two balconies that overlooks the Olympic Stadium and where the Olympic Park once was. All these facilities operate 24/7. This is my fourth and last visit for the project and last night was the most horrendous yet. Perhaps it is because of payday? Was there a lift in recession that I didn't know about? Anyway, it was so busy that you could barely get to any tables, and when you do, there is always a scary amount of money already on the tables. There are a lot of serious gamblers in there. 

The restaurant was slower than usual, with arguments between customers and staff. I was very pleasantly surprised by their menu when I first came - they boast a large selection of authentic Indian & Chinese cuisine; a few Italian dishes and a few traditional options like Cod & Chips and steak options. I would say this is an accurate portrayal of their customer mix. Prices are quite reasonable for a 24/7 eatery and not that different from the food court just below. Their dim sum is surprisingly authentic and definitely compares better than some restaurants in Chinatown. Last time we tried their Indian menu and again it was as if we were in Brick Lane (most famous district for Indian Cuisine in London). The last few times I have always enjoyed their drinks too, be it crisp cold wine, g&t, or vodka cokes, they were always very refreshing at the perfect mix in taste. Last night though was not so much the case. I must remind you though that drinks from the 360 standalone bar is VERY strong. Much stronger than average and I have always had to go back and add much more mixers which I believe is a strategy to weaken ones gambling senses! Anyway I think it is definitely an idea to go there just for food and drinks even if you are not a gambler! They also host parties and events like birthdays and hen do.

Won Ton Soup & Ha Gao dimsum at Clary's Restaurant.

All in all, I think it was just an unlucky incident last night. Every other time we have had a great time. I've never been big on gambling so things like the colourful rainbow wheel was one of my favourite games. There are also a few Sex & the City and Star Wars slot machines that always seem empty. There are never short of roulette tables as well as machines. Half the floor if you walk deep enough is designated as the Poker Room if you are into that. 

Aspers Casino
Westfield Stratford City
E20 1ET
Tel: +44 (0)20 8536 5636


Back to what I wore - the printed vest and the leggings are review items and frankly I don't think the silver leggings will last very long at all. It started snagging when I pulled it up with lots of effort (it's not very stretchy) and has been quietly slipping down through the night. I love the top though, so easy to wear with discrete embellished sections on the print. Even though I would never be brave enough to buy silver leggings; what do you think? xx