Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Hair I Never Had

I really enjoyed putting this look together. The task at hand was actually these teeny tiny little hot pants but I think the wig just stole the show! I have been sent another 2 wigs since the blonde one from Try Not To Laugh, and I must say I'm having a lot of fun with them! I don't know if I could wear it a full day or out with friends but I simply love how it transforms my look!

Back to these tiny shorts from H&M Divided, they are literally at least two sizes too small than its label. Thank god they're very stretchy though, as you can also see that it has front and back contrast materials, the back is even stretchier than the front. They are so little and tight though I don't think I would wear them again if I didn't need to (mind I have to wear garment assignments twice). They are so short that they almost can't cover the top ribbings of these tights that were made for short-shorts!

On another note, I came across this gorgeous jacket walking through Primark and I simply could not help myself with the unbelievable price tag! #hallelujah


Ice-cream Blouse   //   Topshop
Biker Jacket   //   Primark
Hot Pants   //   H&M Divided
Fashion Tights   //   ASOS
Shoes   //   PPQ by Office
Serpenti Watch   //   Bvlgari


Just a side note, the brunette looking wig actually carries a red-ish hue in direct sunlight. I have always wished my hair was soft enough for soft curls, this is almost like the dream hair I never had! I probably should have smoothed it over a little more though, I have had it in my closet for a few months now and it seemed to have tangled a little. Anyone with any suggestions? Isn't there something I can spray on it so it will brush out nicely? It's not real human hair so when I try to brush it, it gets so stuck I'm worried it will break off at the scalp! Eek...



  1. The hair looks great and i love that entire look! You look mega hot in thise shorts ans tights

  2. You look so tiny and I love the coat

  3. Absolutely hot!!! Love the hotpants, you look so petite!!

  4. I love the tights and skirt - nice touches!!