Monday, 10 March 2014

Heat Wave Baby!

So we've got two weeks of spring!! I'm absolutely loving it as, well, who wouldn't? 

I'm absolutely obsessed with this clutch. It comes in both black and white - this is obviously the white, while the black carries black spike studs. They are super gorgeous! They are handmade by the London brand Vivian Ying - where again (see last post) you have an exclusive half price coupon to shop at! Simply type in YNMS50 at checkout and get investing on your designer leather clutch!!

P.S. My nails are Gwen Stefani for OPI's Satin Black; which on its own is basically just matte black... what do you guys think? I personally would probably rather a matte topcoat...



White Blouse   //   from Korea
Blue Patent Skirt   //   ASOS
Shoes   //   Topshop
Clutch   //   Vivian Ying
Rose Ring   //   H&M
Wrap Rings   //   ASOS

Arm Stack:
Alexander McQueen