Friday, 30 May 2014

The Making Of...

I was invited to Warner Brother's Studio Tours a while back; to The Making of Harry Potter to be precise. Now before you turn away - one definitely does not need to be a die-hard fan to appreciate this place. It takes a lot get me excited in most things, yet I was genuinely blown away. I felt like I was walking through a museum of cinematography art more than anything else and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there so much. The time frame suggested as the duration of the tour was 3 hours; which sounds like a long time but to my surprise - you would genuinely want to spend 3 hours soaking up all the details the place has to offer. 

I have a brand new appreciation for cinematography and the film making industry.

There is so much we take for granted when we watch a movie. Every single detail and every single object in every shot was not only a decision made, but backed by a team of artists to physically realise it. Remember all the paintings in the stairwells of the movies? Each and every one of these oil paintings were painted by genuine artists, then cleverly aged to its purpose. See? Blown away. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg. I'm not going to bore you with any more text as I feel it really deserves a real life experience than me trying to tell you through cyberspace writing! So honestly - book your tickets and I super highly recommend getting the Digital Guide with it to make the most of your experience!

Daniel Radcliffe's hands are smaller than mine...?!

NOT promoting drink driving whatsoever!

P.S. This model Hogwarts (R) that they actually filmed with is absolutely breathtaking!

Harry & Ron's bedroom from the start! See the cases under the two beds on the right? They were so little then!
I have refrained myself from posting all my pictures as I don't wish to spoil your experience! You have my word though that this is totally worth a day out whoever you choose to go with!

For more info and to book your tickets:

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