Tuesday, 2 June 2015

It's Freddy Krueger!!

P.S. not THE Freddy but a fellow cosplaying fan! Amazing job don't you think?

This weekend I attended Manchester Film & Comic Con as Sakura from Street Fighter. The biggest highlight was meeting Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger. Not only was his passion honest, but he surely was not afraid to be un-pc when it came to expressing his views.

When asked what his favourite killing scene was filming Freddy, he replied "I really liked the boy with the hearing aid", adding that it fits well with Freddy's unapologetic killing manner with the sense of humour in the era of film; that he doesn't discriminate. "I have fans who are in wheelchairs, with special needs, disabled - or whatever the politically correct term is this week." This was what made the deepest impression on me, his honesty and frankly, I found it quite funny.

The panel ended after a fast 25 minutes where Englund never took his seat on the stage. Instead he walked & stood around at ease, like a real friendly chat room.

I spent the morning checking each stall at the con for a Funko Freddy, hopefully in time for my autograph slot. Instead I found a special glow-in-the-dark one!! #SCORE!

Celebs are not allowed to pose for any photos at the signing desks - so quick selfie - as he threw in his classic face for free! Sure made my day!

His queue was the longest at the whole event, and also the slowest moving. To find it was only because he gives each fan his all to every question & conversation! How nice!


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  1. First time I saw Robert was in a show called V -where he played a little cute alien guy-who later turned out to be a really nasty piece of work -shows before your time-early to mid 1980's but he was really creepy in that...excellent costume btw-haven't played Street Fighter in years- .. Tekken was more my thing -And what a great selfi with Freddy :)