Saturday, 20 June 2015

Pimms, Pizzas and Pop Vinyls!

I absolutely love summers in London especially when it's a good one like this year's! Most evenings the Sun retires with the most gorgeously rendered sky after a hard 17 hour shift. I went out last night with my boys channelling my California Girl and simply could not believe the heat behind that sun still at 7pm! 

My recent post was about Mad Max & feminism; all the funnier when Chris Pratt aka Starlord talks about how he feels objectified too filming Jurassic World - haha I love it!


5 July 2015>> So, I finally caught Jurassic World this week, now I don't have that nostalgic relationship to the original Jurassic Park like most people my generation would as my mother had always banned us from the movie, deeming it too scary for us to watch. In fact I only watched the whole movie properly a year or two ago!

First things first, Chris Pratt was surprisingly HOT as the compassionate Owen. I watch New Girl so to see 'Nick Miller' (Jake M. Johnson) brought a sense of realism, which I think was what his role was for; just a guy at his desk. The older nephew of the heroin is suspiciously good looking; much like a Beckham child (Brooklyn to be specific).

The plot has a very similar skeleton to the original, but I enjoyed the sequel a whole lot more and found myself thoroughly gripped and entertained until the end. The conflict of interests and morals were poetically debated, much like the contrasting roles Owen & Claire were put in the Park to do, later diffusing into mutual admiration. Aww. 

All in all, I'd give it a solid 9/10!



Crop Top   //   River Island
Fringe Skirt   //   River Island
Long Jersey Cardi   //   Boohoo
Heels   //   ASOS
Black Rubber Clutch   //   Mango
Sunnies   //   Boutique in L.A.
Daisy Necklace   //   Marc Jacobs Perfume
Bangle   //   I designed & made it! (and I take orders heh!)
Rings   //   H&M and Topshop



  1. Looking great Karina-lucky you have the sun it's been damp here in Kent all day - need break from sun though beeen sunny up till 10 oclock lately then sun comes out at about 3.30 in morning -barely get much kip with all the light.Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. oooo I like the skirt x