Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome 2013!

Following my last post; my brief was to enjoy the new years eve countdown in a secret nightclub. I was asked to collect the tickets at 8:30 and the address was actually in the middle of Gerrard Street, mainstreet Chinatown. Under the paper printout logo of Vesper was the buzzer. The set up was like a house party. The crew unfriendly and the tickets took just too long. The "two private patios promising fireworks view" is enough to raise some doubtful eyebrows. To call it "Mansion" is rather far-fetched.

By the time I was trying to get into the 'club' at 00:40, a group of french speaking girls were hanging around the small doorway impatiently whilst the door was pulled shut by the door keeper. Chaos soon broke out as these girls start demanding entry whilst lots of guests are simultaneously coming out for air. A pair of these guests were shouting something about having called the police. The doorman and the french speaking girls were then in a full scale shouting match, literally throwing their heels down about money back and how they have paid too much to be kept waiting this long - they have been there for 15 minutes. The place was clearly a mess. I never gained entry. 

VESPER London NYE - I'm afraid it is a massive NO from me!

I must say, if I had paid £300 entry for this place last night not knowing what I was getting into, I would be pretty angry. Deciding to make last minute plans for countdown was definitely the best idea of the year! Was lucky enough to end up in Parliament Square and said goodbye to the glorious year of the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee, and surviving the apocalypse.

It's a Brand New Year Everyone! x