Thursday, 21 March 2013

Drift Away with Dove Spa

I was sent to the Dove Spa at Lakeside Shopping Mall, out in Thurrock, Essex to review their current "Double the Pampering" promotion on their existing "Drift Away" experience. Drift Away is a package of a 35 minutes back massage with a 25 minute mini facial and a choice of scalp, hand, or foot massage whilst the face mask works its magic. With "Double the Pampering", customers get two of the treatment for £75 rather than the original £52 each with a complimentary Skin Diagnostic session each. I took my best friend as a treat to celebrate her results of flying colours at the Aviation Academy! Couldn't be more proud of her!

The Waiting Room

We were brought into the waiting area to fill in some standard forms about our medical history. We were then individually taken to the Skin Diagnostics machine to check out our levels of skin damage, hydration, oil balance, and elasticity on our face. The therapist explains every step, the results, what SPF to wear and how to improve any of these levels if necessary. Sadly my elasticity was the weakest but unfortunately can't remember what she suggested...I was told I will get a print out of this report at the end so I left it at that.

The Therapy Room

The walls between the therapy rooms were sliding doors which is amazing. We each had enough space and privacy but can still talk to each other and are truly sharing the experience. The rooms boasts a large wardrobe area with a few lovely touches like a porcelain dish for your jewellery.

The back massage is followed with a very nice back scrub and an incredible hot sponge down. We couldn't believe how soft and smooth our backs felt when we were putting our clothes back on! When we returned to the waiting room we each had a cup of tea and this lovely hot wheat sack waiting for both of us. It was perfect.

It was hard to leave you behind!

When we were ready, we went back out to the reception and she was asked if we would like to make any purchases or try any samples of any products we tried during our treatments. With that though I forgot to ask for my skin diagnostics report. My friend had hers waiting for her on her seat back in the waiting room and I was meaning to enquire about mine - but got too distracted by all the other lovely things! We were supposed to have had a choice between a scalp, hand, or foot massage but both of us received a scalp massage without being asked, which is a shame. Scalp massage would have been my last choice...

Lastly, I do apologize that the pictures aren't great. I can't afford to break my cover so I can only sneak in quick snaps with my phone!

For more details of the Drift Away Experience, click here, and here to find your local Dove Spa. There are 5 branches just in London! The Lakeside branch boasts the latest opening hours (as late as 22:00) so if this is near you their details are:


Brompton Walk, Lakeside Shopping Centre
Thurrock, Essex
RM20 2ZP
0844 875 1551


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