Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Very Love Label

I was kindly invited by for an intimate preview of their in-house brand Love Label's SS13 Collection. The pieces are young, very fun, and really quite fresh. If anything, it makes me feel more nostalgic than ever for heat waves and a real proper spring/summer. We were greeted with canapés, champagne, and lots of cakes (mmm!). My favourite was the mini brownies with the raspberries behind the logo cupcakes - which I thought was too pretty to eat made in my absolute favourite blue!

With no less than 10 years experience each under the designer & the buyer's belt, the power team tells us all the cities they have travelled in search for these inspirations but confesses that it is not always this glamorous. I am proud to hear that they feel most inspired by Asia especially Korea and Hong Kong! They also spend a lot of time around Shanghai as 60% of their production is from the region. As resourceful as China is however, the duo has to source a lot of their embellishments from New Delhi en route of their return journey to pick up what they struggle to find in China. Nonetheless they still value home-grown products as some of their pieces are Made in England. In fact this Midi Dress on the mannequin that we have been sitting next to is made in Leicester:

Lynn, the designer, explained the three main concepts for the range; Mono (Black & White), Girlie Girl (Pastels and florals), and the Roller-Skater Girl (think California Girls). These translated very well, I thought, onto this new collection and my favourite is the California Girl. I think we will continue to lust over those fun pastels for a long time, especially when there is still no sign of summer for us.

We were asked to put three looks together before the event, a day casual, a night casual, and a night formal. They said to have fun and be as creative as possible and this is what I did with some of my favourite pieces on our favourite style icon - Barbie!

I was daydreaming about a nice spring day out in the park with a good book for my Day Casual Look. My Night Casual Look had those after work dinner & drinks with friends in mind. Then my Night Formal is for those va-va-vroom occasions. It was quite hard to pick just a few from the collection but here is a few more of the others I almost-picked. For the rest, you won't be holding your breath for too long as they will be available on next week! How hot and amazing are these??


On another note. Love Label & I are teaming up to giveaway this gorgeous set of Nail Varnish exclusively to YNMS's followers! The metallic shimmering range of shades are perfect for every outfit and its packaging is as delicious as a box of chocolate. So whether you're a follower of my blog here, on Instagram or Twitter, get entering now! 

Best of Luck!