Friday, 30 August 2013

Mini Cupcakes!!


Congrats to us those of us who was spoilt from the bank holiday and couldn't wait for this day to have come sooner! Then to those of us who, as a result of such a jolly weekend, have had a whole week of stress catching up with the load of work left behind - here's a massive burst of colours and sugar to get you through! I personally was swamped, and actually still am and will be, all the way up to fashion week. I can't wait till I can finally have a real sleep after my show! Can't wait...

So back to these cupcakes - mini is totally the new black. I like my dessert small, as we lose that explosion of senses on our tongue (biology - fact!) after a few mouthful. Not to mention the guilt free experience to fully enjoying these bad boys across the days. They make so much sense in every way don't they just? So much so that I went cross-eyed for them! ;)

Have a great one everyone!