Monday, 30 March 2015

WrestleMania Baby!

The second biggest annual event in life over in America - WrestleMania! Yes I mean before Thanksgiving and Christmas, only after the Superbowl. So to get into the spirit of things, Hulkamania is running wild indeed Brother!

This brings me right back to when I actually met the legend himself at NYCC last October, almost being lifted off the ground just from this grasp! I was cosplaying as the mean girl academia Saya from the zombie anime HOTD. Not only did I get everything you see in this picture and his autograph, but he also signed my POP Vinyl toy of him! #MyPrecious!

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It was quite tragic I couldn't watch the event due to the time difference, but it's obvious that everyone had a blast! Perhaps y'all are only just hitting your beds? Yet I've already had my MMM of the week done by 10:37am! It's going to be a great week!

Rock On & Let's kick Monday's ass everyone!


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