Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cinderella (2015)

So I decided I will need this in the garden of my future dream mansion, in this perfect shade of mint! 

Did everyone have a nice long break? Whilst it was Easter weekend for everyone else, I had the luxury of meeting friends, eating out and watching girlie movies as it was my birthday weekend! So Spring as here as British weather allows and the sun occasionally out enough for us to finally go easy on the layers - this was my outfit to watch Cinderella.

I walked past a little girl who essentially had on the same outfit and shamelessly enjoyed it haha.

I have never had any fantasies to be a Disney Princess, or any princess actually. I have always believed in gender equality in rights, but never had issues with "weak" princesses needing a man and be "saved". It's a genre, mostly in cartoons/animations.

I walked in without much expectations. Being a fan of Downton Abbey and obviously Game of Thrones, I know not only 'Lady Rose' is the lead, 'Daisy' is one of the stepsisters, but Rob Stark is the prince! Then what blew me away instead was Cate Blanchett, in every single way. My crush on her developed when I first saw her at San Diego Comic Con behind the stage - how she oozes the demeanour of a movie goddess. She is definitely what made the movie and it was exhilarating how the costume designer, Sandy Powell, shows off her talent through Blanchett's character as the Stepmother. Every outfit was absolutely breathtaking. It was very couture Lanvin x Vivienne Westwood so I just had to google her! The lavish set was almost equally impressive, especially the reinvented baroque pumpkin carriage. As a footwear designer though, I am really not sure about the lump they call the glass slipper...

All in all, still a very nice girlie birthday treat!


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  1. Sounds like a nice birthday- cool mix with dress and jacket- tomboy meets ultra feminine(kind of like the original movie version of Buffy)