Thursday, 23 July 2015


Finally caught a break to the cinema!

For those who had beat me to watching Ant-man, what did you all think! I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I had always been apprehensive but this surely echoes the Marvel movies from the beginning that got the whole party started, like Iron Man, Thor, the first Avengers. Trust Paul Rudd (who will always be Mike Hannigan to me) to deliver a natural sense of humour, especially his Mexican ex-cellmate who will never just get to the point.

I have never liked insects (cringing as I'm seeing the word "insect" materialise on my screen) and as a recent victim of cockroach-crawled-onto-my-leg (thanks seductive San Diego seaside restaurants)(and yes of course I yelped up and screamed then would have cut my said leg skin off if I had a sterile surgical knife at hand), I needed to look away shuddering through a lot of the scenes. I know they had already simplified a lot of their features but still, I tried! I'll avoid spoilers but when a flood of them (ants) comes at you via IMAX, I don't know how anyone can sit still!

As one can imagine a good portion of the film was CGI movements of an insect in our big world. A lot of these visuals are confusing and head spinning but there is amusement when they randomly pull it back out to human scale at the perfect moment in the finale fight scene. The story skeleton is predictable but what was disappointing though was how the villain was of course capable of everything the hero was at the end scene. Besides the typical ending, I enjoyed it enough to give it a positive thumbs up! 7/10 :)

P.S. The daughter is omg megawatts cute!!!

K xoxo


  1. wow you get all the exclusives.. my mum hates cockcroach's got a real phobia of them -guess they aint the most popular creep crawlies lol this marvel movie universe is expanding at a rate I can't keep up with -but I'm bound to see it eventually.

  2. Can you believe they want us to start eating insects to save the planet?