Monday, 20 July 2015

London Film & Comic Con

I was cosplaying as The Wasp from Antman for day 1 when then movie premiered - did anyone make it to the cinema for it yet? I can't wait!

This cosplay came out really well after all the hiccups; it was originally intended for San Diego but the assembly was surprisingly difficult with the latex so it never made it. The plates are moulded out of foam & worbla, then filled with car body filler - a regretful process to sand & smooth after in my own living room! I had luckily discovered glue instead as the sealing/smoothing agent for Angela and made the deadline (more about this & SDCC in next post!). The latex was bought as a catsuit then customised, who knew literally nothing glues to it, not even superglue or hot glue gun? In the end magnet was the only option and in quantities required, took a while! My absolute favourite bit of the outfit has got to be the wings, I think it totally makes it!

The rest of my weekend was dedicated to celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future! It was the first public event Michael J Fox since he announced his diagnosis of Parkinson's disease in 1998, 7 years after he was told by doctors he had only 10 years left to work. That was 24 years ago.

It was quite heartbreaking to witness his deterioration but inspiring to watch how determined he is to not let anything stop him from doing what he loves, especially through his cool sense of humour. By Sunday the hectic schedules were taking its toll on him, and it kinda sucks that the event did this to him. We were physically pushed into position next to him in his chair for a split second snap before the next person is shoved onto the cross. Even the lady behind me said to her boyfriend that it sucks not being able to say hello. Everybody paid a LOT for this photo op!

I was also very unluckily lucky. I had finally managed to squeeze myself into the Delorean set photo op with Christopher Lloyd (yes Doc Brown!!) by the last day of comic con (eek) and right at my turn the printer breaks! After the moment of panic washed past me, Mr Lloyd and I started chatting and omg in retrospect was crazy!! He currently lives in Santa Barbara, we spoke about SECC a little, and of course we needed a selfie INSIDE the delorean!

And another more official one...or two!

It really was like this odd time warp over the weekend, going back to when the movie came out in the 80's, where it travels to Oct 2015 and how that future compares to our 2015 now. Michael reckons we are very close to making the hover board a reality so there is hope yet! As with the legendary Nikes, ever wondered how it came about? MJF was asked what shoes he liked, he replies "what I'm wearing is pretty sweet", and hadn't had to pay for another pair ever again!

Catch up with everything else I got up to on Instagram and for tonight - we're driving where no roads are needed, back in time!!



  1. Ahh that's great ! two legends and the delorean too ++ awesome! -Wasp outfit looks excellent-I thought it was Janet when I saw it on FB.. Glad you had a amazing time at San Diego.