Sunday, 2 August 2015

Terminator Genisys

Went to see Arnie last night, and this face was more excitement than the film can offer. A whole 20-30mins of the beginning was just a remake of the first & second Terminator. Why have I just paid £11.40 to watch something I already have at home - I found myself asking.

Then Khaleesi / Emilia Clarke aka Sarah Connor comes out (yay) and she actually looked way too little for the big guns. Her American accent a tiny bit disappointing but her acting was so sensational. I enjoyed the dynamics between her and Arnie eventually. Can't say the same with her and Kyle Reese. It was cringe-town from the start, nakedness and all. Even by the end of the movie, when they can finally "fall in love", was unconvincing all over. Mind how many passionate lovers Emilia as Khaleesi has had on GOT so far, I think it is safe to say it's him.

Back to the story, it certainly got old to keep watching an unbeatable robot get beat up for the thousandth attemp. Got even harder in the end watching an old man (Arnie) get bashed in left right and centre. Nothing was new or inventive. Messy time jumps that was simply not clever.

Let's hope there won't be another remake...

On other movie news, it's finally August! Fantastic 4 & Pixels are out this month, and another step closer to Batman vs Superman! <3


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  1. I think i only geniunely liked first movie -tv show wasn't bad either - but never a francise i followed that closely -Rather have Arnie acting though than in politics -i'm still waiting for Ggt Rock lol -btw you look great here .