Monday, 3 August 2015

It's Vegas Baby!

Those of you who kindly follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook would already know that I had a royally grand few days in Vegas before I hit San Diego for the epic con. It was a surprise trip where I didn't even know that was where I was flying to until I got to the gate. Everything was pre-organised and I just had to rock up and oh em gee was it an awesome trip. Loud guns, huge tanks, scooters into deserts, helicopter rides into the Grand Canyon, the list continues. Literally so many ticks off my bucket list in one go!

DAY 1:
Scooting on up to Red Rock Canyon!

These scooters are awesome. They're real scooters/mopeds but dressed as a race car! They don't go super fast but it was really, REALLY fun! We set off at 8am and it is the perfect temperature for the peak of summer. Upon the return from our excursion the sun came out and it was mighty enough to burn anyone in 2 minutes without sunscreen. Of course I had like, SPF 100 ready.

I've also never ever driven on the left so this was my first. Because this is technically a real vehicle I'm counting it as an accomplishment!

I enjoyed this little trip so much. The desert scene just isn't something any city girl from UK/Asia gets to see every day! It was so very majestic, and I had never admired rocks & mountains as I did that morning!

From there I bought this bracelet that somehow meant a lot to me in a matter of days. It was made with genuine horse hair and it was this exact design that called out to me. Coincidentally this was the only size that fitted me of the whole horse hair jewellery stand. Then I lost it at the airport right at the very end of my trip flying back to London. To my own surprise I cried...we called everyone as soon as we landed in hopes that someone had picked it up - the lounge we were in, the lounge opposite we also went to, LAX aiport's lost & found, nothing. In the slimmest chance, we called the shop and they were so so kind. Even though they didn't operate an e-shop they will sell me one to an US address. close yet so far...I don't  have an US address...

Don't suppose anyone reading this who live in America can help? :(

Farewell Horsey...


Bauble Top   //   Topshop
Western Denim Shorts   //   Topshop
Sandals   //   Topshop


DAY 2:

This little joint is called Secret Pizza. It is located under The Cosmopolitan, hidden in a corner with no signs or advertising. As you can see behind me, the interior is decorated with retro video games!

Quick bite after, GUNS!!

We went to Battlefield Las Vegas, and they are not wrong in boasting themselves as No.1! Their weapon choices & packages are insane; enough to make any shooting-gamer hop on the spot with shuddering excitement. I'm in no affiliate with them obviously but it is like candies for your eyes even if you have no plans to visit vegas!

It was a mad case of adrenaline when I first entered the gun range room, some would call it panic. The level of machinery allowed here in the state of Nevada was serious. Mind I knew nothing about what was in store for me, or even saw any information on their website to better prepare myself. I thought it was just a gentle pistol shooting range like ones Claire from Modern Family goes to! Anyway, before any of my senses could adjust the man next to me was about to shoot a 50.Cal riffle. The power of it was...indescribable. Immediately after the giant bang I felt the air in the room rush through, my goggles hyper-vibrated on my nose bridge, all the dust on the ground moved. It was insane. Very much like the movies if a rocket launcher was well, launched. Lol

My nerves subsided once my senses adjusted and all was mega fun again! I did horribly with the pistol, aiming for the red spot but all having gone down south. I blame my 70% eye sight; I had no idea how bad it was until the round finished and the sheet came back to the stand (I left my good contacts at home.....)! Shocked and embarrassed, I tried a lot harder with the rest, squinted so hard I went cross-eyed and felt so much better with the result:

They even have cars on standby for you to run over IN A TANK!!
Quick change of clothes then we went exploring different hotels. It really is quite interesting how vasty different each is and omg the SIZE of each! Is literally the size of a mall here in England!

Playsuit: River Island
Sandals: as before
As you do, when you see floor tiles that
match your outfit...!
After dinner, I was whisked onto a late night helicopter ride to see the whole Vegas (Old & New) in all its glory! I have always wanted to ride a helicopter!!! <3

That city that never sleeps!


DAY 3:
The Grand Canyon

This was another pleasant surprise. I am pretty sure I had been to the Grand Canyon when I was only a couple years old, and I remember being underwhelmed (lol). Then we came and wow was it worth it! We had another helicopter ride (WOOP!) and this was even more breathtaking than the last. It dropped us down by the river, some 5000ft below the rim and temperature was at about 107F.

We moved onto boats, enjoying the canyon in a whole different way, then lastly, helicopter back up.

I could've sat there all day long...

Brimmy Hat   //   Accessorize
Crop Top   //   Topshop
White Shorts   //   Topshop
Checkered Shirt   //   Uniqlo
Fringe Boots   //   Topshop


Right off the bat, of course a cool down was in order! Here's to the best Mojito I've ever had! Which I later learnt was almost the most expensive in my life!

Blink of an eye and it's already the last evening of my epic adventurous trip...let's not miss out on what is most important!

Top: River Island, Skirt & Heels: Topshop

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  1. "Underwhelmed" by the Grand Canyon :) lol.. looks like John Ford country amazing ..very cute buggy -don't find heavy machine guns that cute-but probably fun in a controlled envoriment -it's another world out there -excellent slot machine pic .