Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Sheldon: "He's a smart guy"? Really?

It's happened it's happened! I was so excited to get stuck in that I forgot to snap the freshly opened box photo, with all the bags & booklet perfectly laid out inside...by the time I remembered I was already halfway through Section 1...

There are only 2 sections to the set, and this is the end of Section 1:

The tiny desk was so so cute!

Only Bernadette, Howard and Amy were in this section, and each character has two expressions. I chose the angry Bernie, smug Howie, and grinning Amy heh!

I'm a sucker for printed carpets haha!
I am still wondering if I can make these molecules more 'twisty'...
This was the instructed position for the table; I had to move it across to the right in the end for
I don't remember ever seeing them reading papers...
The Green Lantern lantern!!
I'm glad these weren't lipsticks after all haha
This telescope though!! <3
By this point the set is completed, with a surprising amount of extra pieces. What was most baffling were the little bag of utensils seeing the set didn't include the kitchen. I don't remember the cast ever eating out of pots and pans in the living room, but I tried the idea anyways:

No, I don't think this makes any sense...

This is when I moved the table + lamp aside, further towards the little desk. It was the only way Amy could fit next to Sheldon!

Penny can't actually sit flush against the sofa like the box suggests, her hair gets in the way!
I'm so glad they have Penny this facial expression haha it's my favourite!
To my surprise, I enjoyed building the bookshelves & books the most, it was so creative! I guess I wished the set was more complex, more detailed, with cooler things in the shelves, collectible things. Also like I mentioned before on my SDCC post, I wish it included the kitchen! I just want to build more of it! More more more!


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