Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hello Jim Lee Batman!!

Check out my SDCC Jim Lee Blueline Edition Batman figure! It's mega cool with a rubbery texture in the perfect display case! I'm always a sucker for monochrome so I thought I'd dress in his colours!

Then, burger & shakes, obvi!

Every time I come back from Cali I get major withdrawal from its amazing good food for endless months on end. Literally nothing compares, not even this Cali Burger + Strawberry Shake...I wish I lived there...!!!


1 comment:

  1. awesome in second pic -you'll never feel short in those heels blimey!-if theres a glam rock revial I'll get a pair fed up of been shorter than average (but thats highly unlikely lol)I hope they make a Neal Adams Batman figure -he's the best artist to work on Bats in 70's