Sunday, 9 August 2015

Fantastic Four...


I had literally just came back from the cinema, after watching Fantastic Four. I braced myself after reading all the bad reviews from both media and 'the people' and was prepared for the worst. Then I was told that movies that get slated I generally end up liking, possibly because I am just that good at bracing myself for the worst. Well,  came out pretty blown away regardless, by its lack of substance, pace, or excitement. I struggled to stay focus after the first hour as the pace was going nowhere. By the 80th minute, remembering that the film is supposed to be 100mins, I was getting a little confused if there was at all a fight scene, or if this is supposed to be some Part 1 of 2 I didn't know about. Then fight scene came. The fight scene ended. Yes almost within the time I took to type those two sentences it was over. The movie subsequently ended, of course, in the most cringe worthy way ever - coming up with their team name.

Our standards for superhero movies by now are quite high, and I'm not sure who in the right mind thought this movie was ok enough to be released. My first impression from its trailers were perhaps it is rebooting its origins for kids who would have never seen the old F4's. Then I noticed that even kids weren't quite buying it.

One of the base problem - casting. The old F4 consisted of Jessica Alba & Chris Evans, the heartthrobs of like, ever. The current cast...? Not even close. I also got very confused as to why Sue Storm had to keep going from her real hair to wigs throughout the movie.

In case anyone wanted to know what was in my bag haha - my new coin purse (I know!), still my favourite lippy: Melted by Too Faced, my must have Olympus Camera, keys, and a pair of earrings "just in case" haha!


RAW tee   //   KKXX by Stylenanda
Skirt   //   River Island
Boots   //   Topshop
Candy Clutch   //   ASOS
Sunnies   //   Ray-ban



  1. I saw a review on tv seems like they're messing with original story-traveling into inner space rather than outer-space is a mistake (they should stick with Jack and Stan's original -but updated it for today's audiences)-I did enjoy the Alba movies-but they re-boot everything after 5 minutes .I think that's where problem may lay they didn't want to re-make a film thats quite recent -so they took a slower approach -hope it warrents a sequel though as we need to see Dr Doom do his thang .-hope tey got theright guy to play him (always thought Richard Burton would of made a good Victor-but far too late for that ) Nice pop arty outfit -you're ff cosplay is excellent also