Monday, 10 August 2015

Marvel & Star Wars at Madame Tussaud's!


#Crushing! <3
Uhm...who's this? Christina Agui-alba?
Sorry Fury I just couldn't resist :P

Star Wars Exhibit:

Oh just chilln with Han

Time for some photobombs!

All in all, this was rad! I'm sure you can tell from the excitement on my face, but seriously - it. was. rad! Everyone's faces were SO real and to see them virtually in real life from head to toe in such accurate proportions - oh em gee!!!

Now of course, outfit hour. You may have been wondering already why I've got so much clothes on in the middle of summer. I actually went in June, still summer, but I live in England, so chances are it was a cold day!

Then came the moment to take the sacred armband off after the show...


Top   //   American Eagle
Shorts   //   H&M
Jacket   //   River Island
Scarf   //   Pringle of Scotland
Boots   //   Topshop



  1. Wondering how they got lightsabre effect ?... must return to London just to upstage Solo lol -Sam L looks like Sam L .. but not sure about rest of Marvel crew -guess I'll have to see for myself-I hope Boba Fett's there too ... great photobombs lol-especially emperors throne room.

  2. Very cool! My kid would love to go !!! Marvel fan!!!!