Sunday, 16 August 2015


I'm mixing it up a bit here, because I watched Ex-Machina last night and I really need to talk about it! 

I was quite enticed by its appearance, the highly-evolved machine in its delicate female form on its posters.  Perhaps it is this anticipation that I expected some gripping story or mind-provoking ideas. Instead, I can easily summarise the whole movie in 2 simple sentences: A scientist created a robot. With the highest AI ever, this robot, all about answers, kills the scientist and her human accomplice in order to escape and merged into our human society.

There is literally nothing more to it. Nothing before. Nothing after.

All of two sentences, stretched out into 110 minutes.

This leaves room for a sequel I guess, but what I'm after is satisfaction now having designated my Saturday night to it.

The movie builds a bad persona of the scientist, who turned out, was just a normal guy. All the "bad" actions he did were all part of his experiment. So when Ava the robot killed him and locked the other guy up left to die, I didn't feel any gratification or resolve. Oh which reminds me, there was a nude scene of Ava when she finished covering herself with human looking skin, and it felt very, very wrong. She looked like a 12 year old child. In my head I actually thought they should have CGI'd her body so it looked identical to the rest of the robot models in the wall - truer to the story. At least truer to the robot body she had had throughout. Back to my point, I have no idea what I just watched.

The most powerful thing about the film was the soundtrack. It is much more eerie than anything else in the movie. So that was brilliant for its intention. Most scenes were very nice on the eyes too, nonetheless, like a 3D tour of those exotic super houses out of an architecture magazine.

I'd give it... 2/10

Someone enlighten me seeing every seem to love it!


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