Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Entourage the Movie

It's been a pretty amazing week or two for me, like a giant catch up with life aka movies & TV shows haha! So here's another post!

Perhaps it is the element of watching it at home that offers a different spectrum of expectations but I really enjoyed watching Entourage the Movie last night! I was after a chilled evening with a good laugh, and it delivered. If I had gotten dressed up, took the train out, paid for cinema tickets, queued mindlessly for snacks, then the last train home, I probably would have felt more like what the reviews out there had said. Still wouldn't have gone as far as calling it "utterly unfunny" though. Maybe the reviewers had beef with someone in the production team haha just like the plot of the movie! Oh the irony!

Closure movies to epic TV shows generally include exotic locations and a significantly aged cast. It was very nice to see everyone keeping to their looks to the show so well and I like how they didn't feel like they need to show their budget off to an exotic holiday. They kept true to the essence of the show and not made it into something else for the Hollywood Big Screen.

The cast, for starters, I love Ari Gold - aka Mr. Gordon Selfridge hah (I'm a sucker for period dramas). If you had seen Jeremy Piven in both, you would agree as the two roles can't possibly be more opposite of each other but yet he just, delivers. I actually love Ari's fire and passion, even his anger issues. I literally cracked up in laughter when he smashed the photo frame with his fist in the middle of therapy, then realized in horror what he had done and where he was - I totally relate! (still laughing)

I now give more credit to Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase)'s acting too as the scenes with his financer really showed a different side to his character, this humble desperation. Drama continues to be Drama but I guess it's nice for him to finally catch his big break. There was a good chance that he was set to demonstrate the many fallen stars of hollywood, a key aspect to any industry of fame. Turtle's story line was a little disconnected - now earning more money than Vince from his tequila business then willingly get his arm (almost) broken for a date. The jokes about his weight were uncalled for and unfunny though seeing he had lost most of it towards the end of the show anyway. 

Then there's E and his string of romance to the plot. I was sad that they had broken him up and the heavily pregnant Sloane in the movie, but what happens between that and them getting back together was pretty funny. I laughed anyway (that scene at the restaurant)!

Jessica Alba (love her!!) had a quick cameo, a little out of her usual character but very convincing - I'm not sure if I've ever seen her swear as much!

All in all, I don't remember a scene where I felt bored, a scene that I wish they would end quicker already, or a scene I found irrelevant. To that I'd call it a good film! Throw in the bonus of my physically laughed-out-loud moments, I give it an 8/10!

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