Friday, 21 August 2015

Do you have the Edge?

I know I'm no size 6 with girl-envy abs and toned thighs, but what I value even more is good health and general well-being. I always try my best to eat well and exercise regularly in order to make room for the occasional pizzas, burgers and ice cream cravings!

It is extra difficult to stay motivated in fitness and eat healthy living in UK, from the temperamental (mostly gloomy wet and cold) weather on top of a serious comfort/fast-food culture. I mean, no one has ever used the phrase "British Cuisine" because it simply doesn't exist. Pub food and pints, sure! The food revolution Jamie Oliver has been fighting for is real!

I get serious culture envy on Instagram, mostly of people based in LA - where sunshine is part of everyday life, where food is gloriously GOOD, and where their health awareness game is strong. A crucial part to staying focused is mixing it up. As important as routine is to integrate workouts into your schedule, doing the exact same things for too long is only going to bore not only your mind but your body too. Our body works best when we're always mixing it up, surprising our body to use and stimulate different parts. Especially with me, an acute type of hyperactive. I can't be doing the same thing for too long before I get too restless, and I need variety in my life. I call them quirks...but I never want to eat the same ingredient twice a day, and I always have more than 2-3 games & books in session... Totally sidetracked, my point is, I try new workouts whenever I can!

Pre-sesh selfies obvi! :P

Spin is totally my element, I generally go twice a week even though I wish I could do it more often (I live really far from civilization). If you are put off of exercising because the word "cardio" makes you shudder with boredom like many of my friends, TRY SPINNING! Here at Edge Cycle, they offer a free 30min ride for you to feel first hand how easy weightloss / getting fit just got! It is like a fluorescent rave, music bumping and the instructor motivating your way to push push push while sweat just oozes off of you. Sequences vary roughly from 15 - 45 seconds going up, down, quick, and slow - keeping you engaged and on your toes the whole time. There really isn't time for boredom and before you know it - you're done!

Not to mention the state of the art bikes they have kitted their studio with - the smoothest and quietest I had ever experienced. Like I was flying in a Bentley...but on a stationary bike.

 The website humbly states that the studio is 2 mins away from Chancery Lane tube station when really I can easily do it within 1. It was only about 4 shops down if you come out of the closest exit. Most people in my class were in and out, presumably from nearby offices for a quick sweat-fix. While I was there, in fact, someone was signing up to join its membership after being very happy with her trial. What excites my need for variety more is that they don't just offer spin classes. They have bootcamp, yoga, fight club, and many others that incorporate bike, mat, weights, and more!

They also have a cool giveaway contest going on on their Instagram so don't miss out on your chance to win either 3 personal training lessons or a whole month unlimited classes! All you have to do when you turn up for your free class is to upload a snap of your locker, #myedgelocker then tag & follow @EdgeCycleLondon! Here is mine:

And of course, wearing happy workout gear always helps!
Sports Bra   //   C&C California
Top   //   Pineapple Dance Studios
Joggers   //   Nike
Trainers   //   Nike 


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