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Legends: in U.S. undercover government work, a fabricated identity.

I've just finished catching up on its first series and I hear there will be an announcement this week from TNT regarding Season 2! Talk about perfect timing!

From the producers who brought us Homeland and 24, now there is Legends.
The series follow a Department of Covert Operations (DCO) FBI agent Martin Odum, aka Ned Stark, or Sean Bean, and his team. As the Legend with the highest success rate, Odum is addicted to his multi-faceted identities - anyone but his own. Under intensive psychiatric counselling, Odum is often hostile and unstable, slipping in and out of his accents and identities, a major cause of his recent divorce with Sonya who only wished to protect their son.

The series has a very clever pace; with the first few episodes to set the scene and characters up, dynamics, and a grand show off of Sean Bean's acting whilst he struggles across his many Legends. We have all seen Ali Larter's performance as the bipolar Niki & Jessica back in Heroes; who in Legends is Special Agent Crystal McGuire, a crucial component to the team. The story starts after the scene is set. Flashes of lost memory triggers Odum's search for answers to his true identity,  his very existence, his sanity. Every lead he finds gets mysteriously killed seconds before he get answers in front of his very eyes.

If you do intend to catch up on the series for yourself, which I strongly suggest you do, now is the time to scroll down and skip the next section to avoid spoilers!

---------  SPOILERS ALERT  ---------

Halfway into the series, it is true, this is a case of Bourne Identity. We are shown that both Odum's ex-wife and best friend / boss, Nelson, of 8 years always knew Martin Odum was a fabrication of identity - a Legend.

Odum, despite constantly confronting people around him for the truth, is still in the dark. He carries on his rapid change of Legends over multiple investigations despite being strongly advised against. One particular highly sensitive military x political incident leads to the undeniable truth that Martin Odum had a critical past in Iraq back in 2004 - not in a major car accident in LA as Sonya and Nelson insist. The plot thickens as they are both forced to come clean to Odum. Together with what Crystal found out through her own means, the pieces are of magnitude scale that lead to the framed assassination of the Director of the FBI.

-------- Phew, SPOILERS END! --------

Each episode was more gripping than the last and by the last 2-3 I was just glued to every second of it. Everything was so well thought-out then executed - the pace, the scale of events, intensity of information revealed. It was the perfect crescendo.

Season 1 wasn't the biggest commercial hit ever but I can definitely see huge potential in it becoming one. Having said that, I really hope by then it doesn't lose its edge like most TV shows does over time as it gets "massed". The series has mixed reviews, but I simply don't remember the last time I was as engaged to a TV show! I do love one that is concise and this season has 10 episodes - the perfect dose.

Season 2 is said to air Fall 2015, some say November 2015. Either way, there is still plenty of time for you to get into the series so we can talk about it together when season 2 comes along!!!

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