Friday, 18 September 2015

Hello Dim Sum!

Tell me these aren't the cutest looking custard buns ever?

So I've just returned from my Asia trip! Those with me on Instagram would know that I went to Seoul  before Hong Kong to see my family. My first stop was one of the most authentic cantonese dessert places in town (Tei Mou Koon, Kowloon City) with my dad and this was a very exciting second - dim sum with my mom!

The place is small and cosy with constant queues swarmed at the door. The food (taste-wise) was so much better than I expected! Most of the presentation were very much as they were sold on the menus too which is a major plus. I personally could not get over the level of detail they had kitty-cised!

This last rice dish was a tad disappointing but I was too pleasantly surprised by everything else to be bothered!

A quick discovery of their Facebook page sure told me how hawt this restaurant is at the moment that a lot of celebrities had paid them a visit! With the Autumn Festival coming up they even have Mooncakes! If anyone reading is or will be in Hong Kong, click here for their official website and find out how you can get involved - no affiliation I promise!

Welp, better be a good daughter and order my mom some Kitty mooncakes!

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