Friday, 2 October 2015

Bad Boy Ray Ray

Ray Donovan Season 3 just finished last night. Anyone else a fan sharing my emptiness?

In case you don't know what the show is about (first of all where have you been?), Ray is a situation fixer in LA with a troubled upbringing with 2.5 brothers and the perfect family in Calabasas waiting for him to come home to every night. All in all - start catching up! You won't regret it!

The first half of this season started dark and slow, but be patient, or you'll completely lose track when it all kicks off. Katie Holmes is the new blood to the show as Paige Finney, a hungry millionairess to her grossly twisted father. What seemed like a typical rich kid kidnapping was only the tip of the iceberg for deeper, darker secrets of family dynamics.

Micky's presence got old quick (for me anyway; he is second to Joffrey on my list of top hate characters!), Terry's condition deteriorates rapidly after leaving jail, developing into serious paranoia. Bunchy has a serious crush on the Mexican Wrestler, Teresa who bullies him around the gym. Abby & Ray's dynamics don't quite improve while their kids continue to spiral downwards in decadence. Ray's focus in this season had shifted from the past, but we finally get to the roots of Ray's haunting childhood in a powerful finale.

It is a little disappointing that we don't get to enjoy as much of Ray's refined sporadic problem fixing skills as we used to, but instead we get a more solid and streamline story of events: Ray with the Finney's & Mick with the Minassians (The Armenian Mafias). It was ace to see Ray's old dream team eventually recruited back together too!

I thought Holmes' braces were very random and apparently I'm not alone. Hashtags were started and she was even asked about them at TV interviews. "It was supposed to help her migraines" was the explanation in the show, and herself furthered that "this is to show she is still flawed despite being able to have whatever she wants". I found the show very poetic in Season 2, but lacking the same depth in the last. Her supposed chemistry with Ray was both unconvincing and the one kissing scene uncomfortable to watch, but it is nice to see her in a show again as a significant character.

News has it that Mickey will still be in Season 4, boo, but so good to know that Abby & Terry will remain nothing more than close friends. Thank god!

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