Thursday, 8 October 2015

Get up to SPEED!

I'm in New York!!

Having watched The Flash's Season Premier on the way here and arriving just in time for The Arrow's Season Premier - life could not be more seamless! Granted, I'm knackered from running all the way here (of course) and frankly very jet lagged; I can't wait for New York Comic Con to commence in 11 hours exact!!!!!!!

The first season ended with Jay Garrick's helmet, also known as The Golden Age Flash. As you might know I had actually only just caught up with Season 1 about 2-3 weeks ago - right when I was finalising outfits for NYCC! So voila - love a vintage comeback!

I love wings, and had really enjoyed making these 2 pairs - a structured pair for the helmet and a lighter softer pair for the boots. What do you think!

Both the premiers start with some key changes of events and characters. Because they don't air in UK for another week I don't wish to include spoilers; but I bet the anticipation is killing!! All I'm going to say is The Flash ended with Jay Garrick's appearance so I can't be happier about my choice to debut NYCC with! The Arrow, following its demise from last season, has reinvented himself as The Green Arrow! Oliver's suit is closer to the comics than ever now! Then the premier's ending - someone died. Don't worry this isn't a spoiler, because everybody is asking the same question on twitter!

Must sleep now, to wake up to NYCC! EEEEEK! :D

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  1. The Dash :) -nice to see the old skool helmet too...