Friday, 22 January 2016


The new legend begins! As Sylvie insisted, this is not Rocky VII but rather Creed I. As we already know, Michael B Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, the illegitimate youngest Creed blood. He was saved from his adolescence of group homes and violence in juvi by Apollo's widow wife. With a great education he advances in the banking industry but quits instead upon a promotion to pursue boxing against his step-mom's will. His performance was very enjoyable with a great balance of sensitivity and drive. There were a lot of close ups and hands up please - who knew he had such dreamy eyes??

Sylvie's role of mentoring was more humorous. My absolute favourite line of his in this movie was when Johnson came up to him for the second time as he was off-loading stock for his/Adrian's restaurant; "what are you doing here? You need something to eat?" It was so effective in setting the tone to his now-retired character. Soo endearing!

Without going further and risking spoilers, a family I wish I was a part of forms an unbreakable bond. I wasn't too sure about the girl though, a little too young particularly in the things she says sometimes. I can't wait for the sequel eeeek I hate the waittt!!! 

My feast before the big SHOW! Hah


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  1. Oh my gosh going to see this tonight! Heard to many great things I actually can't wait to watch it!