Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My Hangout!

As you may or may not know, I've recently allocated base to Hong Kong. Still adapting to the hustling bustling city where space is literally tighter than some of my PVC cosplays, I had to look high and low for a place I can focus and play catch up (aka work). Coffee shops are a natural choice except here in HK, they are almost constantly slammed. Students and freelancers sitting on top of each other staring eagle-eyed into their laptop screens with a common goal - to get their sh*t done before the timed complimentary wifi expire (usually 1hr, 2 if they were generous). Sound familiar? Then you should come join my hangout!

Welcome to my ritual of Getting-Sh*t-Done! I almost always start here...where my caffein's at:

Now that I have my sanity in hand, let me quickly show you around! (Yes have totes missed the memo to record landscape on iPhones...!!)

Isn't the place just so zen with possibilities?

Ok. Here as I type away in the open space (they call Hot Desks), I have as much space as I need, all the peace and quiet, charging points everywhere, unlimited wifi and complimentary coffee - all for only HK$50 (£4/US$6) a day. I'm here all the time, doing emails, browsing, blogging, procrastinating on Facebook and Instagram (of course); so I chose the monthly rate which only works out to be the price of 10 days (HK$500; £40/US$60 a month). At the peak of my cosplay building days I had actually planned to rent out a room here as my own studio/office space where I can work around the clock with 24/7 access. You don't even need to worry about housekeeping as all utilities and cleaning are part of the service.

I've even connected with random people here who were only passing by this city, some on business stopovers and another a freelance globe trotter. All interesting stories. If you are a local craving just a few hours or an afternoon of space and table space to focus every so often, come join me!!

The true essence of the set-up here is actually to support small businesses; start up companies who don't need the heavy cost of full office spaces. I am all for supporting small businesses and freelancers, which is another reason why I love this place. It's an uplifting feeling to be amongst like-minds. So if you're ones with all sorts of ideas kicking off but only lacking a space to make the magic happen, this place could be the start to your own empire. 

To find out more:

Or talk to me! I'm not an affiliate, but this gives me more to procrastinate with for a better cause!
As far as I know I think they're doing a welcome discount right now. So so so, hope to see you sooooon!!

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