Sunday, 22 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War

So I watched Civil War the other week - with my mother, lol. My sister and I couldn't have been more excited, finally booking tickets; then my mom overheard and totally wanted in. Coolest mom ever.

The film was epic. I feel like superhero movies have been taking a slippery slide and I especially had to brace myself after reaching a new low with BvS (so painful to say that I can't even type their names out-loud). Civil War was action packed from the start to finish and it was in a fantastic way - not in a hectic and messy can't-even-see-what-I'm-watching way. The sequences were so sleek and that big fight scene at the airport everyone can't get enough of!! As if in our wildest dreams we got to watch exactly how one beloved character would fight another.

It was impressive how refined each character was and literally no one I felt was left out with not-enough attention. Everyone's emotions were so real, what stuck with me most was the grace and loyalty Black Widow possessed when forced to take sides. Reality is there isn't always a strict right and a strict wrong, especially on matters as complex as the world's safety. Then there's leadership whilst the Cap is protective of Wanda and Stark makes sure Peter (Spidey) doesn't stretch himself too thin. Seriously, zomg chillsss of excitement just rethinking about the whole thing!

 The storyline was simple but modern.  I did not, however, approve of the chemistry between Captain America and the love of his life Agent Carter's granddaughter! Is it just me?

Who's side am I on you might ask - Team Cap or Team Stark? Even though I understand the deep guilt and empathy Stark has on his shoulders for all the innocent lives killed as a by-product of their service, but being ruled onto the sidelines until further notice is simply unrealistic. Their job was to keep casualties as low as possible at every occurrence and they had done precisely that. Perhaps improvement measures to better manage civilians is a more realistic solution but then we wouldn't end up with a great movie of our Cap fighting Stark. Haha!

Whilst on a Civil War high, I built my lego set. The Black Panther Pursuit set, to be precise. The plane was pretty satisfying to build and the bike was zomg *heart eyes emoticon* even though it was the simplest part of the set. I certainly didn't expect to like Bucky more than Captain Rogers, like in any given situation, but I do here! Lego Bucky looks the most like the real character of the three! I also totally judged the production team for deciding to go with Captain America's golden blonde locks over his what should be un-negotiable headgear. Why not have both?

I, of course, made a video of the build! Head over here and watch the set emerge and this photo in action!

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