Monday, 8 April 2013

The Almost-Perfect Me Day

Outfit: GEEK cropped t-shirt by Topshop, Skirt from Vero Moda, Jacket from Asos, Prada Bag, River Island
trainers and Balenciaga wrist band.

I had an amazing birthday. Following my last post, this is what I got up to. 

I started off with a very nice brunch - I'm a big sucker for brunch! Who doesn't like brunch? Especially on a weekend! Afterwards, we stumbled into a huge and amazing vintage shop in Dulwich whilst we were fruitlessly florist-hopping (yes, proper mature stuff!). They had everything - besides clothes there were luggage, house decor, home furniture, and of course some beautiful jewellery. I spent the most time at the corner where all the Mad-Men era grooming sets were. Most of them were multi-tiered travel sets for men but were as big as suitcases! Check out a few of their pieces that I managed to take pictures of:

Just look at this beauty!

One of the gorgeous grooming sets.
The best part was my treasure find - a pair of gorgeous Gucci Sunglasses still in its original case! It was perfect for such a glorious sunny day and I am so excited to show them off soon if the sunny weather holds up!

I was then pampered by my first ever mani-pedi. Sounds ridiculous I know but despite having plenty of experience with my manicures I have never had the chance to enjoy a pedicure! Anyway, it was heavenly. I decided to try the Dockland's Nailbar as recommended by Esther Wong here back from the Harrods Nails post. Thank you so much for the tip! They have such an amazing range of OPI from solid colours, shimmer colours, metallics, chunky glitters, crackle, matte, and the new Liquid Sand. Their service is mega speedy yet still very carefully done, not to mention their amazing value for money. I had a full pedicure, an acrylic fix on one finger, then a full repaint for £35.

The Nail Bar

I chose to test out OPI's Liquid Sand. It dries matte and doesn't stop glistening - exactly like liquid sand! I'm so in love with them I can't ever stop starring at them! For the feature finger and all my toes I chose a purple-blue chunky glitter, layered over the metallic deep purple. My boyfriend was silly enough to get me a fro-yo as he was looking for parking too - I was spoilt rotten!

Quick change of outfit and we were out again for some birthday cocktails and dinner at TGI's.

At the end of this dinner was when everything went wrong. You wouldn't believe the story when I tell you. Whilst we were eating, there were a total of 3 other birthday boys & girls in the restaurant (as you know, TGI's sing you their birthday song in full blast). One of which was a family who sat at the table in the big round podium that was in the centre of the entire restaurant. The candles on their cake when the staff brought it to their table whilst chanting their TGI song really caught my attention. 

By the time it was our dessert time, everyone seemed very distracted. All of the sudden, I was told I had a custom made, pre-ordered birthday cake that had been given to the wrong table, and they ate it. Completely gone. It was that table in the middle. The blasting candles were mine. It was my birthday cake, pre-ordered lovingly by my boyfriend and smuggled in my little sister, yet I don't even get to see it. We were absolutely stunned. The manager told us that they had specifically asked for the Selfridges food hall bag (that was in my sister's hand that she claimed was shopping she had to return to River Island). When we asked where their cake was he simply said "you don't want their cake". Does this mean the person did this on purpose?! Did they see my sister bring it in and decided to steal it? It also turns out that the reason my boyfriend arranged the whole mani-pedi there was so he has a chance to collect it from Sweet Couture at Canary Wharf whilst I was occupied. The whole thing was so seamless and I love surprises! 

Anyway...we all died quite a bit inside. Even if it was a genuine mistake, someone at that table would know that that wasn't the cake they brought in. Can you believe some people? TGI was hugely apologetic and wiped our bill. It was only the least they can do to be honest. They then gave us a compensation cake and got every single member of staff to blast their birthday song at me. Do you like my false appreciation? Can you tell I am devastated? Moments after this, that table popped a bottle of Champagne.

Sorry I haven't got pictures of this outfit, we were too upset to hang around. It was an all nude shirt x skirt combo with a black patent skinny belt and the same Prada bag as above; paired with a gorgeous pair of nude-pink suede wedges by Office - I promise it looks a lot nicer than in this picture! Very Miu Miu - esque.

I feel like I have rambled on for ages! Thanks for reading all this for you have finally reached the end!

P.S. Have you entered the Giveaway for the Crown Jewels Nail Varnish Set by Love Label yet?



  1. love love love your sneaker wedges!
    and those bracelet is beautiful too!
    maybe we can follow each?

    Wulan Wu on

  2. Stunning look but I want those nails!!! your stunning!!

    1. Thanks so much Alexia! You're stunning too darling! ;) xx

  3. Im going to get some lush nail EXTENSIONS tonight and I'm hoping I can get the O.P.I liquid sand, thanks for the heads up babe!... happy belated Birthday too, love the blog!